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Australia & World's Largest On & Off-Line membership network

providing Counselling / Consulting & Conflict Resolution for

Counsel & Consult Seekers

When you join the e-Court family you can participate in our vast global (social) resolution network, enjoy benefits such as unsurpassed security, vanity urls, escrow privileges, legal document archives, accounting software, video software, deep discounts on proprietary software plus many other benefits, not least of all conflict resolution and legal counselling / non-legal consulting from "vetted" professionals on a variety of issues with prior knowledge of costs & duration and perhaps best of all interactive and in real time.

Our Mission statement:

e-Court PeaceKeeper aims to be a champion for the consumer, achieving this by offering passionate and visionary values. These are: Value for Money: To offer honest, simple, and transparent pricing. Quality of Service: To offer services without compromising any of e-Courts values. Specifically to be professional and with unquestionable integrity. For the People: To offer Counselling services for everyone, not just those who can afford it. Challenging: To offer new and innovative ideas, to always push the boundaries of conventional thinking. Force for Good: e-Court would like to see itself as making a positive contribution to peoples lives and as a force for good. We achieve these goals by : what sets us.


e-COURT℠ Flexibility

e-Court℠ is flexible since the Individual, Company or Organization can start a case with or without the assistance of a professional. In many conflict situations, parties wish to avoid professional expenses when obtaining justice. No matter what their choice is, (conflicting) parties can always rely on an expert & impartial e-Court℠ "vetted" Lawyer, Arbitrator, Judge, Mediator or Counsellor when they submit a case on e-Court℠ for resolution and/or Counselling. And all that in six easy steps and in just six weeks. Traditional offices do not work anymore, click Here ! It is important to note that participating professionals whilst not being employees of e-Court℠ have been thoroughly vetted prior to offering their services. This guarantees the integrity of our global network.


e-COURT℠ functionality re: Mediation, Arbitration, Legal Opinion and Counselling

* Benefits from Mediation via e-Court vs. traditional Court. View Here
* Benefits from Arbitration via e-Court vs. traditional Court. View Here

* Benefits from Legal Opinion via e-Court vs. traditional Court. View Here
* Benefits from Counselling / Consulting
via e-Court. View Here


e-COURT℠ Connect

We’ll do all the legwork to identify suitable connections near by ( in your area and across the world ). Designed to connect local ( in your area and/or across the world ) professionals with advice/counsel/consult seekers who are interested in their services. Awesome Professional & Better Networking Alternative to LinkedIn. View detailed info click : e-Court℠ Connect . To connect with e-Court members from some 45+ countries, we let you choose # 3 countries all as part of your full membership. Any additional selected country can be obtained at an affordable surcharge.


e-COURT℠ OffLine Networking

We are Australia's number one online member network with OffLine networking events. Socials are being held each month, except during July and December when no events take place. During each September an exciting Global Video Conferencing event takes place for members in all e-Court countries. To be announced via email to all Australia e-Court members. The venue will be suitably located with adequate parking facilities for your selected AU state & city. e-COURT℠ offline meetings are different, refreshing & modern & not just another 'faded" social organization with additional costs, obligations & committments. Offline Networking meetings are open to all fully AU registered members not just across Australia but around the world in 40+ countries. A great opportunity to meet face-to-face with your local colleagues or from other countries. View below sample page for off-line meetings in Australia click : e-COURT℠ OffLine Networking


e-Court℠ Members Near You

Our extensive global network of ( legal & non-legal ) counsel seekers & providers has decades of experience providing services to individuals, companies and governments alike. So whatever your specific situation, we’ll find the perfect opportunities for you and best of all Members by category ( such as Individuals, companies, governments and so on "NEAR YOU". View detailed info click : e-Court℠ Members Near You


e-Court℠ Marketing

When you need marketing support then you have come to the right address. Because of our vast national & international network we can provide insights to On & Offline Business Opportunities. A personal webpage & domain address is offered as part of your e-Court membership which can be branded as your own domain. View sample. Message your friends, customers, they'll love you for it. Target your audience with a personal marketing blog. We offer awesome Professional & Relevant Marketing software, both proprietary and open software, including fully integrated video conferencing with recording features. View detailed info click : e-Court℠ Marketing


e-Court℠ Legal Documents

Print or download your customized legal documents in 5-10 minutes. Consult the law library, where you can view a wide collection of relevant articles, resources and guides. View detailed info click : e-Court℠ Legal Documents


e-Court℠ Financials

Stay on top of your cashflow. See your financials online anytime, anywhere on your computer, tablet or phone. Run your business from anywhere and know your cash position. FEATURE RICH - Everything you need to manage your finances. Keep track of all of your payments, invoices, expenses, etc. in one place. It is important to note that we employ the services of a well recognized escrow agency whereby monies are held by the agency on behalf of two/or more e-Court member parties that are in the process of completing prior agreed engagement. All is offered as part of your full membership. View detailed info click : e-Court℠ Financials


e-Court℠ Member Help-Line

We appreciate your business and want to make sure we meet your expectations. Hence we offer a 24/7 help-line to contact not only Technical & Sales Support but also access your Personal Member Coordinator. In addition we offer a useful online Q&A. View detailed info click : e-Court℠ Member Help-Line



In addition to a free personal website & subdomain address we offer free advertising on the ""FIRST-CHOICE" COUNSEL & CONSULT PRACTITIONERS ROSTER". Your personal e-Court℠ website will be listed on dominant Australia webpages. View detailed info click : e-Court℠ Advertising



It is important to note that participating professionals whilst not being employees of e-Court℠ have been thoroughly vetted prior to offering their services. Similarly counsel seekers have been screened before being accepted in the (global> membership network. This guarantees the integrity of the e-Court℠ global network. You can rest assured you are dealing with a "genuine" group of both advice seekers & providers. View detailed info click : e-Court℠ Integrity



Keep the hackers out! Our ( and your personal ) websites are protected at all times! Stay safe with proactive security monitoring and guaranteed malware removal. We keep our ( and your personal ) Website Safe & Secure with Protection Power : (1) Secure and proactively monitor websites, (2) We use the Protection Power trust seal to inspire confidence in our & your website visitors, (3) We protect our/your customers’ data from hackers (4) Get real-time alerts of potential security threats and vulnerabilities. Protection Power is constantly on the lookout for malware, SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and other threats, using advanced scanning tools. We scan websites daily from front to back. Our automated malware scan, detection, and removal software will ensure website are always safe and protected. View Power Protection Seal


Last But Not Least.... We Offer :

NATIONAL exposure throughout ( in every state ) Australia - Click below image :

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INTERNATIONAL exposure on all continents of the World in $ 50 + Countries - Click below image :

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We Love Our Clients

Jane Doe
"e-Court has helped to simplify the operations of our organization and is very user-friendly.

We are also very satisfied with the relationship our company has with e-Court and have found their entire team to be supportive and friendly. What a joy it is to offer our employees a venue to settle future labour conflicts, if they arise". Go on... there is nothing to stop your organization from registering as corporate member.

Frederic Hansen, CEO
John MacNab
'We would be lost without e-Court' This modern concept has everything we need to operate our law firm without too much stress of locating files and checking the old brick and mortor diary book. We certainly wish to 'embrace' the internet, but always wondered in the past how to do this. Cheers to e-Court! We are thankful to become associated". Go on... there is nothing to stop you from registering as member.
John MacNab, Managing Partner Law Firm
'Good Heavens' e-Court is just what the doctor ordered. I have looked for years to find an alternative to my costly lawyer's fees until a friend alerted me about e-Court. I never thought searching files and getting timely alerts on case and appointments could be this easy. This is a must for every body. e-Court certainly offers speedy solutions with prior knowledge of expense and duration". Go on... there is nothing to stop you from registering as member.
H.A Law abiding citizen