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Vacancies for "legally trained" Professionals

with e-Court Australia

Interested in joining e-Court Australia as a Participating Active member, but not sure where to start? Be the heart and soul that keep us moving. Be the voice of our people and services. Check out our state teams and learn more about 'real" opportunities via the links provided below. e-Court Australia is composed of an independent (self employed) group of experienced professionals like (former) lawyers, barristers, solicitors or attorneys, judges, mediators, university professors, industry and other legal interest groups. e-Court AU aims to offer a venue where members ( counsel seekers ) are linked to independent "legally trined" professionals who provide competent, affordable, secure, transparent and speedy justice. These legal professionals whilst not being employees of e-Court have been thoroughly vetted prior to offering their services.

All positions reflect an attractive remuneration package and perhaps more importantly "endless" contacts, not only in Australia but around the world.

As a progressive professional individual and/or firm you will embrace the Internet as envisaged by e-Court AU. Thus, you may secure a valuable "active" association with a worldwide organization widely known to offer modern, contemporary online legal & counselling services.

Our Mission statement:

e-Court Australia aims to be a champion for the consumer, achieving this by offering passionate and visionary values. These are: Value for Money: To offer honest, simple, and transparent pricing. Quality of Service: To offer services without compromising any of e-Courts values. Specifically to be professional and with unquestionable integrity. For the People: To offer conflict resolution services for everyone, not just those who can afford it. Challenging: To offer new and innovative ideas, to always push the boundaries of conventional thinking. Force for Good: e-Court AU would like to see itself as making a positive contribution to peoples lives and as a force for good.

Go on... take the first step by (1) clicking on the relevant position and province in the below listing and register "at no charge" as an active member and by (2) sending us an Email with your name, position of your interest, your motivation to join e-Court and how you feel you can make a contribution to our organization. In return we will send you a detailed description of the desired position with its compensation package. We trust you will familiarize yourself by thoroughly examining our website

As we foresee a continuous & enthusiastic response we can not guarantee that all position will be vacant as at :
We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.


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