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Benefits for In-House Professionals (on contract) :

* Accountability & Transparency
* Services by "vetted" Professionals
* Prior knowledge of Costs/Duration
* Expedient & Up to 60% lower cost
* Guaranteed Payout via Escrow
* On/Off-line Networking
* Verified & Secure
* Desk/LapTop & Mobile friendly
* Optional Virtual Reality

What we do : e-Court is an online platform active across Australia & in more than # 45 countries, where advice/counsel "Seekers" such as
"Conflict Resolution" services in real time by "vetted" Professionals in a speedy, expert and affordable manner.


Justice for everyone
with prior knowledge of
costs & duration

The case for e-Court PeaceKeeper has never been "stronger The ongoing revolution in communications technology and artificial intelligence systems allow us to dispose most of our problems with a click of a mouse button. Hence, the increasing digitisation of society presents an immense opportunity to provide justice to the masses..

As more of our lives are led online, people increasingly expect that more of what they do in the physical world should be available online as well, including the resolution of their disputes. Therefore e-Court is both timely and considered a natural extension of this digital revolution with access to expert justice fast, and affordable. We are part of The International Court for Online Conflict Resolution Inc. (ICOCR).


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As of today, in excess of #65,000 professionals throughout Australia are ready to serve E-COURT℠ AU member categories. Members can use the following search box to locate a professional firm specializing in a particular area, in a particular country. This specialized search is both powerful and comprehensive, because it searches multiple e-Court AU directories and thousands of first-choice member firm web sites in a fraction of a second. Membership is a prerequisite.

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